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Aerial view of South Sawmill Lodge in Island Park, Idaho.
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It’s time to say goodbye to the South Sawmill Lodge. Randy South’s family of South Industries started the 90-foot diameter dome in 2009 on the old family homestead in Island Park, Idaho. Over the next four years, the family squeezed in time to finish the dome which became a lodge and reunion center rented out to dozens of families over the years. The lodge sold this spring. … read more

Nearly complete Eagle Event Center

The Eagle Event Center is the multipurpose athletic, administration, and instruction facility at Hennessey Public Schools in Hennessey, Oklahoma. The 25,000 square foot (2,322 m²) structure includes a competition gymnasium for basketball, volleyball, and other athletic activities. The floor can also be covered with carpeted tile and used for dances, assemblies, and community events. There are four team locker rooms, a referee locker room, concession stands, a training center, walking track, and a 2,000 square foot (186 m²) lobby. The gym seats over 1,800 at athletic events and almost 2,000 for assemblies. … read more

Aerial view of the Avalon Multipurpose Center.

Twenty years ago, the school board in Avalon, Texas, broke ground on a new Monolithic Dome gymnasium. It would be more than just a place for playing ball, it became a classroom, concert hall, community center, and — when necessary — a storm shelter. No wonder it’s called the Avalon Multipurpose Center. … read more

An orange ribbon across the front of the new Avalon Multipurpose Center.
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While the population count of Avalon, Texas may be in doubt and small, its pride and interest in their school is not. Most recent proof of that is Avalon’s new Multipurpose Center, for its 250 students in pre-kindergarten to Grade 12. Designed by Monolithic Architect Rick Crandall and built with a 12’ stemwall, this Monolithic Dome measures 124’ x 25’ with a total height of 37 feet. … read more

Mathena Family Event Center
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When the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma set out to build a new building at the Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center, a Monolithic Dome was not the first thought. In fact, it was practically an afterthought. But what it became was a Monolithic Dome conference center hosting thousands every year. … read more

Superintendent Mike Woods

The Eagle Event Center in Hennessey, Oklahoma, is finished. Hennessey Public Schools received the Certificate of Occupancy, and the new building is open — just in time for tonight’s graduation ceremony. Superintendent Mike Woods recently gave Jack Quirk of We’re Going in Oklahoma a tour of the new facility, and we get to tag along in the newly posted video. … read more

Catoosa Cafeteria safe room

A Monolithic Dome safe room is designed to withstand tornadoes, hurricanes, and other disasters. It meets the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA P-361) standards for “near-absolute protection” for sheltering-in-place. But a Monolithic Dome safe room is more than a building. It’s comfort during the storm. It’s lives saved. It’s a place of recovery. … read more

Gypsum crystal

Gypsum is a calcium sulfate mineral, mined from large natural deposits found all over the world. About three-fourths of gypsum is used in building materials such as gypsum board — also called wallboard, drywall or Sheetrock — as well as concrete, plaster, and more. It is also a fertilizer mainly used for soil conditioning. … read more

The competition basketball court inside.

The Avalon Multipurpose Center is a school gymnasium for the K12 school district in Avalon, Texas. The facility features a full-size basketball court, four locker rooms, synthetic glass front, foyer, restrooms, concessions, and seating for 720 spectators. … read more

Eagle Event Center
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Before the sun came up on a cold December morning, the crew turned on the four large blowers that were to inflate the structure. They said it should take about three hours to completely inflate, which gave my team plenty of time to set up the four time-lapse cameras, a drone, and several ground video cameras. Next thing we knew, the roof was up within minutes, including that big heavy ring. We were not ready! Think about this, an entire weather-sealed, full-size gymnasium was completely standing in about 45 minutes! … read more

Mile Hi Church Sanctuary

The Mile Hi Church Sanctuary is a 233-foot (71 m) diameter by 63-foot (19.2 m) tall Monolithic Dome. It is the third, and largest structure on the Mile Hi Church campus in Lakewood, Colorado. The huge dome required a 55,000 square foot (5100 m²) inflatable Airform membrane. The sanctuary seats 1,500 with plans to add a 600 seat balcony. The wooden stage features movable towers and platforms and can accommodate a 140-member choir. … read more

David modeling the new RCA hard drive.
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A dream sparked by a talk about geodesic domes, life in Chicago running a computer center, founding a polyurethane foam insulation business, and the path that led to the invention of the Monolithic Dome — read the personal story and history of the Monolithic Dome as told by David B. South. … read more

Eye of the Storm home

A Monolithic Dome home is more than concrete and steel. It’s a feeling. A feeling of warmth on a cold winter’s night. A feeling of serenity during a terrible storm. A feeling of beauty as light fills vaulted rooms. Living in a dome changes your expectations of how a house should perform. … read more

Oktibbeha County Community Safe Room

The Oktibbeha County Community Safe Room is a Monolithic Dome built near McKee Park and the Starkville Sportsplex in Starville, Mississippi. The structure is a FEMA P-361 rated safe room that can protect 1,500 people during a severe storm. Planning for the tornado shelter began in 2014 after “a tornado outbreak ravaged Mississippi, including an EF-4 tornado that devastated Louisville.” … read more

Shalom dome aerial view

The Shalom Dome home is a Monolithic Dome home located in Platte City, Missouri. The Small family has enjoyed the many benefits of living in a Monolithic Dome home.  … read more

Aerial view of the Elkhart Texas Ammonium Nitrate storage facility.

The Elkhart Ammonium Nitrate Storage is a Monolithic Dome storage built at the El Dorado Agricultural Products retail facility in Elkhart, Texas. It stores 20,000 tons (18 kt) of granular ammonium nitrate in a 115-foot (35 m) diameter hemisphere on a 36-foot (11 m) integrated stem wall. The overall height is 92.5-feet (28 m), making it the tallest building in Elkhart. … read more

Exterior rendering of Monolithic Dome addition

The multipurpose athletic and classroom facility at Spencer Public Schools K-12 campus in Spencer, Wisconsin, houses a gymnasium, wrestling room, fitness center, and more. It was part of a $5.9 million upgrade that included improvements to the elementary school portion of the existing school. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) paid $2.9 million in improvement grants since the facility is also a shelter-in-place safe room. … read more

Red rock coated Chavez Ranch Road dome home

The Chavez Ranch Road dome home is a large Monolithic Dome residence that was also billed as a vacation rental. With ten bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and many amenities the home is an unmistakable landmark along the banks of Oak Creek just south of Sedona, Arizona. … read more

Exterior of the Anthony N. Fusco, Sr. Athletic Center

The Anthony N. Fusco, Sr. Athletic & Academic Center is a beautiful addition to the Delaware Military Academy’s campus. School administration at the Academy saw a need for the students to have more space for athletic and academic activities, and decided a dome gymnasium could provide this extra space. The collaboration of a few different companies was able to produce the new facility for the young cadets to utilize. … read more