Eagle Event Center
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Before the sun came up on a cold December morning, the crew turned on the four large blowers that were to inflate the structure. They said it should take about three hours to completely inflate, which gave my team plenty of time to set up the four time-lapse cameras, a drone, and several ground video cameras. Next thing we knew, the roof was up within minutes, including that big heavy ring. We were not ready! Think about this, an entire weather-sealed, full-size gymnasium was completely standing in about 45 minutes! … read more

Domes of all sizes and purposes have been built for thousands of years. Widely regarded as the earliest known examples of dome-shaped structures, the huts built from mammoth bones found in Ukraine in the 1960s are believed to be about 15,000 years old. More recent examples of historic domes include the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey, and the Pantheon in Rome, Italy.  … read more

The first Monolithic Dome home sits atop a cliff overlooking the Snake River in Menan, Idaho.

Hundreds of Monolithic Dome homes have been built all over the world as beach houses, rental units, multi-story homes, mountain cabins, tiny houses, multi-generational housing, and even underground homes. This list will continually be updated, as it is just a small sampling of the many Monolithic Dome homes families enjoy every day.  … read more

A Monolithic Dome home is more than concrete and steel. It’s a feeling. A feeling of warmth on a cold winter’s night. A feeling of serenity during a terrible storm. A feeling of beauty as light fills vaulted rooms. Living in a dome changes your expectations of how a house should perform. … read more

Satellite image of Hurricane Keith

Like the wolf of Three-Little-Pigs fame, Hurricane Keith huffed and puffed and literally blew homes down, but unlike our fairy tale wolf, Keith didn’t stop there. From Friday, September 29 to Sunday, October 1, 2000, Keith — a force 4 hurricane with winds up to 135 mph — raged over Ambergris Caye off the coast of Belize in the Caribbean Sea. With the ease of a giant weeding his garden, Keith uprooted trees, flattened buildings, overturned aircraft, and jettisoned boats onto rocks. Meanwhile, the severe, three-day rains Keith brought with him caused floods and mudslides, swept jetties away, and downed power lines. … read more

Hurricane Michael was a Category 5 hurricane which struck the Florida Panhandle in 2018. … read more

The International Code Council (ICC) standard for the Design and Construction of Storm Shelters. The ICC-500 is similar to the FEMA specification. … read more

The Monolithic Dome industry making news across the country and the world. … read more

Rendering of Italy High School gymnasium
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The Italy High School Multipurpose Center is a 148-foot diameter gymnasium in Italy, Texas. The finished gym will accommodate 1500 and is expected to be finished on December 1, 2001. The facility will be used for basketball, physical education, volleyball, theatrical performances, and more. Beyond the gymnasium floor, the building includes locker rooms, restrooms, storage, a concession stand, and a ticket booth. The dome will also serve as an emergency shelter during severe weather. … read more

Italy High School Gymnasium

The Italy High School Multipurpose Center is the official name of the gymnasium in Italy, Texas. The nickname is the Gladiator Coliseum in honor of the original Coliseum in Rome, Italy, and because the school’s mascot is a Gladiator. Of course, most students just call it, “The Dome.” … read more

Jackson Farmers Fertilizer Blend Plant

The Jackson Farmers Blend Plant is a 3,000 ton (2,700 t) retail fertilizer blend plant near Holton, Kansas. The 100-foot (30.5 m) diameter by 35-foot (10.7 m) tall oblate ellipsoid dome is embedded into the hillside. Delivery trucks drive up the hill, around the dome, to a simple, angled conveyor which carries the delivered product to the apex of the dome. The product drops vertically onto a polar conveyor inside the dome where it is carried to one of seven large storage bins. … read more

Javier Figueroa is a job superintendent for Monolithic, expert dome builder, and “wrinkle whisperer” on complex Airform membranes. … read more

Superintendent Garvey tours school construction

The Monolithic Dome high school in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin is also becoming a sort of tourist attraction. In a Wisconsin State Journal article, Superintendent Michael Garvey reports adding tour guide to his job. “Garvey frequently hands out hard hats and makes the rounds with taxpayers, area superintendents, construction design professionals and anyone else with a curiosity about the facility scheduled to open for the start of the 2016-17 school year.” … read more

Lincoln County Farm Center ranch store

The Lincoln County Farm Center is a retail home and ranch store in Chandler, Oklahoma, situated on US Highway Route 66. It opened in 2015 and offers farming services, garden supplies, home décor, clothing, hardware, and much more. It is also the second Monolithic Dome at the facility. … read more

1978 Monolithic Dome fertilizer storage

The Lincoln County Farm Center provides retail fertilizer blending services from their Monolithic Dome facility in Chandler, Oklahoma. The 75-foot (23 m) diameter by 38-foot (11.5 m) tall Monolithic Dome is divided into six storage bins where various bulk fertilizer products are stored. Blends of bulk and bagged fertilizer products — each mix custom designed and created based on the season, crop, and soil conditions — are sold to Lincoln County area farmers. … read more