The Monolithic Dome Research Park is the multi-dome campus near Italy, Texas, and headquarters for Monolithic and the Monolithic Dome Institute. … read more

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David, Barry and Randy South switched on the inflator fans to construct the first Monolithic Dome in April 1976. It was for a potato storage in Shelley, Idaho — 105-feet diameter by 35-feet tall, which was pretty ambitious for their first dome. It changed their lives. They patented the process and started changing the world, one dome at a time.

Today, there are Monolithic Domes throughout the United States and the world — from the Arctic to the tropics — used for schools, storages, churches, homes, gymnasiums, safe rooms and much more. There are domes as small as 8-feet to over 340-feet diameter with engineering for even larger structures. … read more

Inside a Transverse Airform
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The offer for a commemorative plaque always arrives first when a patent is granted. The plaque company usually beats the patent office by a day or two. It’s an effective marketing strategy; after all, Monolithic has five of these plaques. Now there will be six. A couple of days later, the official notice from the United States Patent and Trademark office arrives. Monolithic Constructors, Inc., is granted patent number 10,400,462 for the “Transverse Span Airform Structure.” … read more

The phrase, “near-absolute protection” is defined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to mean “based on our current knowledge of tornadoes and hurricanes, the occupants of a safe room built in accordance with [FEMA361] guidance will have a very high probability of being protected from injury or death.“ … read more

Cafeteria dome entrance
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A new Monolithic Dome now stands on the school grounds where a tornado came tearing through 23 years ago. Catoosa, Oklahoma, a suburb of Tulsa, was the site of a F4 storm in 1993 that killed seven people and injured many more. Thanks to a new Monolithic Dome, people at the school can now feel safe from another such storm.  … read more

David and dome map
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We are sad to announce the passing of David Barney South Sr. — husband, father, entrepreneur, and inventor. David was married to the late Judy Lynne South (née Bates), and they raised nine children together. He co-invented the Monolithic Dome with his brothers, and they built a new construction industry. … read more

An oblate ellipsoid is a common shape for Monolithic Domes. The foundation is circular, but the profile is elliptically shaped. It creates higher “walls” around the outside of the dome, giving more headroom. … read more

Delaware State Park Tornado Shelter
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Ohio is probably not the first State people think of when discussing tornadoes. Oklahoma or Kansas are more likely to provoke visions of violent skies and Dorothy running for the storm cellar. Yet, 36 tornadoes already struck Ohio this year — double the total tornadoes in 2018. “We are not dealing with a theoretical hazard,” said Sean Miller at the open house of the new Delaware State Park Tornado Shelter. “This is a very realistic hazard … and campers are vulnerable.” … read more

Oktibbeha County Community Safe Room

The Oktibbeha County Community Safe Room is a Monolithic Dome built near McKee Park and the Starkville Sportsplex in Starville, Mississippi. The structure is a FEMA P-361 rated safe room that can protect 1,500 people during a severe storm. Planning for the tornado shelter began in 2014 after “a tornado outbreak ravaged Mississippi, including an EF-4 tornado that devastated Louisville.” … read more

Pabco dome after inflation

Pabco Gypsum is a vertically integrated mining and manufacturing plant of gypsum board — also known as wallboard, drywall, Sheetrock — east of Las Vegas, Nevada. The 4,000 acre (16.2 km²) complex includes the gypsum mine, ore processing, and the gypsum board manufacturing plant. Pabco Gypsum produces 110 million square meters of gypsum board annually — enough to build 120,000 new homes. … read more

Palapa Pineapple in Belize

The Palapa Pineapple is a beach-front Monolithic Dome home on Caye Caulker, Belize owned by David and Mary Spellings. It’s a tall, prolate ellipsoid — 25.5-feet (7.8 m) diameter by 40-feet (12.2 m) tall — divided into four levels plus a rooftop patio. … read more

Palapa Pineapple by Caribbean
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For the Spellings, a house on the beach was their dream. Inspired by a Monolithic Dome Island Resort, Dave Spellings decided that a dome would be the perfect abode for him and his wife. Overlooking the Caribbean Sea, the two-story dome home provides a comfortable place for the couple to enjoy their island life.  … read more

Directory of the people —builders, designers, engineers, architects, and more — involved in the Monolithic Dome industry and related industries. … read more

The President’s Sphere was the long-running column written by David B. South. Started in 1986 as part of The Monolithic Dome Roundup newsletter, it ran continuously in one form or another until 2015.  … read more