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Back porch
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Architect Jason Elliott Purdy designed the “spaceship” house for Clarence and Louise Lederhos who constructed the dome in 1978. “For some reason, I always wanted to live in a round house,” said Louise Lederhos in an interview. “But it was the energy efficiency that drew us to this design.” In 2016, they sold their home. Today, it’s on the market again. … read more

Aerial view of dome home

There is a 29-foot (8.8 m) salt-water swimming pool and a three-person hot tub in the living room of this incredible monolithic dome home. Chris Barnes, a former aeronautical engineer who had worked for Howard Hughes, originally constructed the home in 1982 as his own residence. The swimming pool and hot tub use salt-water and a premium, non-chlorine, filtration system to avoid the swimming pool “smell” in the house. … read more

Sketch of concepts used in the vertical ellipsoid dome calculator

Inflatable shapes are the basic components of Monolithic Dome design. If it inflates, it can be constructed … probably. There are two primary shapes that dominate dome design — the sphere and half-ellipsoid. However, these are not the whole design palette. Sometimes we need to go beyond the basics. or in this case, beyond half of the ellipsoid. … read more

Aerial view
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Rarely does a home with such a rich history and distinctive architecture become available. This extraordinary home — which sits on approximately 3 acres — was constructed in 1978 by the current, original owners. It was a time between two of the worst energy crises in the U.S. — 1973 and 1979 — caused by interruptions in petroleum exports from the Middle East. Oil prices skyrocketed, and many homeowners began to look for alternative energy sources to run their homes. Others decided the best solution was to use less energy. … read more

Elementary school rendering

The Johnson Creek Elementary school is a three Monolithic Dome school addition to the Johnson Creek Middle and High School campus in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin. The new facility is under construction and will serve students from early childhood (EC or Pre-K) to the fourth grade. The new domes are identical to the five domes of the main campus and will create a unified pre-k to grade 12 (K12) campus when complete. … read more

A beautiful arched entrance to a Monolithic Dome Home

Monolithic offers Residential Feasibility Studies–a practical, helpful tool for those preparing to build their dream home. The study includes preliminary floor plans and a professional, detailed, evaluation of your project. It includes a comparison of the Monolithic Dome process to other building systems. It defines the design and intent of your project. It establishes a detailed, estimated budget, based on the best available information. … read more

1978 Monolithic Dome fertilizer storage

The Lincoln County Farm Center provides retail fertilizer blending services from their Monolithic Dome facility in Chandler, Oklahoma. The 75-foot (23 m) diameter by 38-foot (11.5 m) tall Monolithic Dome is divided into six storage bins where various bulk fertilizer products are stored. Blends of bulk and bagged fertilizer products — each mix custom designed and created based on the season, crop, and soil conditions — are sold to Lincoln County area farmers. … read more

Aerial view of construction

Today’s Throwback Thursday is a bit different as we look to the past and the future in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin. In 2016 the Johnson Creek School District opened a five-dome school to serve as the combined middle and high school. The small district of 750 students was dealing with old school buildings plus a hodgepodge of additions and portable classrooms. The maintenance costs were increasing and they needed something new. They tried several times to pass a bond to build a conventional school, but each time the voters rejected it. So they sought for a more innovative, affordable solution and found the Monolithic Dome. … read more

David and dome map
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We are sad to announce the passing of David Barney South Sr. — husband, father, entrepreneur, and inventor. David was married to the late Judy Lynne South (née Bates), and they raised nine children together. He co-invented the Monolithic Dome with his brothers, and they built a new construction industry. … read more

Italy High School Multipurpose Center in Italy, Texas

A Monolithic Dome sports facility is an instant landmark. It speaks the language of sports design — historically and contemporary. People immediately recognize it as a place for events. In communities with a Monolithic Dome gymnasium, people just say, “The game is at the dome.” … read more

Dr. Arnold Wilson, PE.

Dr. Arnold Wilson is a pioneer in engineering thin-shell concrete domes. Wilson, who retired after completing a 40-year career as Civil Engineering Professor at Brigham Young University was also Monolithic’s Senior Consulting Engineer for more than 30 years. … read more

Mile Hi Church Sanctuary

The famous domes of antiquity are structures of worship — the Pantheon in Rome, St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, to name a few. The vaulted, curved shape creates a tranquil, contemplative, respectful atmosphere. Where the domes of history took decades and even a century to complete, we can now build these remarkable structures quickly, affordably, and beautifully as Monolithic Domes. … read more

Aerial view of Drummond Public Schools Gymnasium

The multi-purpose Monolithic Dome at Drummond Public Schools serves as a gymnasium, auditorium, classroom, and FEMA rated safe-room. The K-12 school completed the 123-foot (35.5 m) diameter by 39-foot (12 m) tall structure in 2016. … read more

Rendering of twin Monolithic Dome sports complex.
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Built among bluffs and wooded hills, Park College overlooks the Missouri River. That, in itself, is not unusual. But buildings constructed largely of limestone mined from below the campus is, and that’s just what Park College has at its home campus.  … read more

David B. South

David Barney South Sr. (February 20, 1939–November 3, 2020) was an entrepreneur and inventor. He was best known as co-inventor and advocate of the Monolithic Dome. He was the president, chairman, emeritus chairman, and co-founder of Monolithic; founder and publisher of the Monolithic Dome Institute; former chairman of the Domes for the World foundation; former chairman of the American Concrete Institute (ACI 334) committee for concrete shell design. … read more

Dome at the crossroads.
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Thanks to a generous, anonymous donation the community of Hansen, Idaho, has a new gymnasium. The Hansen School District owns the 120-foot diameter monolithic dome but shares it with the city. “This is a unique facility,” said Superintendent David Carson at Friday’s open house. “It’s a community school district partnership. Both entities will be able to use it — a lot.” … read more

Gary Clark

Gary Clark is Sales Manager at Monolithic. He manages the sales team, coordinates all marketing efforts, and helps customers with design, pricing, and logistics to build their own Monolithic Dome. … read more

Outside of Anthony N. Fusco Sr. Athletic Center
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Located in Wilmington, Delaware, the Delaware Military Academy is home to the first Monolithic Dome of its kind in the Mid Atlantic United States. With over 500 young cadets attending the school, the dome has opened up new opportunities for the cadets. The administration of the academy has expressed gratitude for the many benefits of a Monolithic Dome, and the cooperation and generosity of those involved to make the project completion possible. … read more

Evening photo of PABCO storage in operation

Pabco Gypsum is a vertically integrated mining and manufacturing plant of gypsum board — also known as wallboard, drywall, Sheetrock — east of Las Vegas, Nevada. The 4,000 acre (16.2 km²) complex includes the gypsum mine, ore processing, and the gypsum board manufacturing plant. Pabco Gypsum produces 110 million square meters of gypsum board annually — enough to build 120,000 new homes. … read more

Lincoln County Farm Center ranch store

The Lincoln County Farm Center is a retail home and ranch store in Chandler, Oklahoma, situated on US Highway Route 66. It opened in 2015 and offers farming services, garden supplies, home décor, clothing, hardware, and much more. It is also the second Monolithic Dome at the facility. … read more

Jackson Farmers Fertilizer Blend Plant

Storages are the most popular use of the Monolithic Dome. In fact, the number of storages are greater than all other uses — combined. There are tiny shops and storage domes to huge — over 300-feet (91.5 m) diameter — structures storing more than 44,000 tons (40,000 t) of bulk material. Many sites have multiple domes in multiple configurations along with automated product reclaimers and material handling systems. There are Monolithic Dome storages on every continent (well, except Antartica) and they are used for so many different products that we can only list a few highlights. … read more

The "V" logo
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Facing west toward the Front Range of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, The Vanguard School in Colorado Springs provides a dramatic foreground thanks to its royal blue sports field and the dome structure situated nearby. The 20,000-square foot Monolithic Dome houses twelve classrooms and two science labs for the school’s 215 seventh and eighth graders. “It looks cool,” says student Ciera. “A lot of people see it and wonder what that thing is and I get to tell them it’s the junior high building!” … read more