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Back porch
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Architect Jason Elliott Purdy designed the “spaceship” house for Clarence and Louise Lederhos who constructed the dome in 1978. “For some reason, I always wanted to live in a round house,” said Louise Lederhos in an interview. “But it was the energy efficiency that drew us to this design.” In 2016, they sold their home. Today, it’s on the market again. … read more

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Pouring concrete foundation

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"White Santorini" art suite
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In today’s Throwback Thursday we revisit the Ice Hotel — 200 km north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden. This unique hotel is built and rebuilt every winter using ice, snow, and a lot of creativity. It’s a masterpiece of design and is an inspiration for curved architectural elements that could be built — permanently — in a Monolithic Dome. … read more

"The Flying Buttress" bedroom suite with snow columns
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We are often asked if living in a Monolithic Dome is like living in a cave. It’s hard for some people to imagine a bright and beautiful interior that’s curved. Even more difficult is imagining the possibilities a dome structure provides. Usually people ask questions about hanging pictures or how well furniture fits against the dome wall. Sometimes, however, designers break through the square world and show us how it’s done. In Sweden, a temporary ice hotel is a masterpiece of curved architecture. … read more

Exterior rendering of Monolithic Dome addition

The multipurpose athletic and classroom facility at Spencer Public Schools K-12 campus in Spencer, Wisconsin, houses a gymnasium, wrestling room, fitness center, and more. It was part of a $5.9 million upgrade that included improvements to the elementary school portion of the existing school. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) paid $2.9 million in improvement grants since the facility is also a shelter-in-place safe room. … read more